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Meet the Staff of Country with Integrity

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John Johnson - Owner/Operator

806-433-4908 - Integrity1motors@yahoo.com

John Johnson is the owner/operator of Country Auto group and has been in the car business for over 30 years. John has a wife and two children, Spencer Johnson and Slater Johnson, who also work for Country Auto Group.

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Jake Slater - Sales Manager

806-310-5207 - jslatr@hotmail.com

Jake Slater has been with Country with Integrity since 2009. As an extraordinary salesman Jake continued to climb the ladder and became manager of Country with Integrity in July of 2018. Jake has a wife and is a father of one! He enjoys hunting, golfing, and mentoring his salesman to success. Not only does Jake strive to serve his team, but Jake strives to continue serving the community of West Texas. 

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Giovanni Centeno - Sales Professional

806-513-9163 - Giovannicenteno@countrychevrolet.net

Giovanni Centeno has been a salesman at Country with Integrity since February of 2018. Giovanni graduated from Randall High School in 2015 and has been a very dedicated professional while at Integrity motors. Giovanni is consistently been a top performer and always focuses on the customer first. As well as being able to speak Spanish, the level of service Giovanni puts forth is outstanding. 

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Spencer Johnson - Sales Professional

806-206-7959 - spencerjohnson@countrychevrolet.net

Spencer Johnson, Nebraska Kearney Alumni, has been in the automotive industry over 3 years. As Country with Integrity's top salesman Spencer not only strives to help his customer but to serve them. Spencer enjoys Surfing, Fishing, Dirt Bikes, and working on his Vehicles. As the son of Owner/Operator, John Johnson, Spencer is very knowledgeable about the car business and is always working to meet your highest expectations. 

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Steve Alexander - Team Member

806-331-5646 -

Steve Alexander, long time family friend of Country Auto Group, has been with serving Country with Integrity for years. You can always find Steve with a smile on his face, and nearby his loyal dog Magic!

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